What is beering? and why this blog?

This is a blog about beering, i.e. the process of making beer, reading about beer, and enjoying beer.  I am not an expert in beering, having started only in 2012. But I know what I like, I have fun conducting experiments, and I keep good notes.

I have gleaned a lot of information from the interwebs and a number of truly wonderful books; this blog is an attempt to give back to the beering community in a way that is not tied to any particular beer-brewing forum.  Also, this blog is not meant to be a regularly-updated site, but a place where I can share, every so often, some of my results.  I will edit old posts with new data, so that the posts on a particular topic are always up to date with the best information I have.

Both “beering” and “alchemy overlord” are meant to be playful, tongue-in-cheek names.  I don’t believe in being overly serious about something as fun as beer.



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